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Economists are projecting that the middle class in the United States will be gone within the next 10 years and that what will be left is the rich and the poor.  The rich, by the way will be very rich and the poor will be very poor.  The concern is that developing nations like China and India wll make significant inroads into our economy.  Already, our governments own websites are telling us that we have been unable to keep up with the buying power our parents or grand parents experienced as recently as 40 years ago and that as prices go up we will continue to fall further and further behind.  You see, by the inflation calculator found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the average income today would have to exceed $229,000 average income to equal the buying power of the $36,000+ average income of 1967.  So, how are we doing?     
Now, while you may not know me, we do have some things in common.  We believe that you have dreams and goals for your life and for your family that provides you with the motivation to get up each morning and go to work.

We are all looking for an improved quality of life and because you are here reading this article it is probable that youve realized that your financial dreams will not be accomplished in your current career.   Let me ask you some very important questions:
  • How you are dealing with the impact of the current recession?  
  • How are the gas prices affecting your budget?
  • How is the increase in food prices affecting your budget?
  • Are you debt free or do you find your self sinking deeper and deeper into debt each month?
  • Is your job secure or is your employer moving your responsibilities to another country with cheaper  labor?  
  • Were you one of the 62,000 to lose their job in June?
  • While I dont mean to be an alarmist, these are concerns in which we are all concerned about. 
The question that we must all answer is what we are going to be able to do to generate the financial security we all want and need?
Fortunately, in the United states we do have alternatives that will give us a chance to change our financial environment to better absorb current rising prices, retire our credit card debt and all other debt, pay for health insurance, start the college fund for our kids or grand kids, fund our 401Ks or IRAs and still have disposable income for travel, a new home or a new car.

I hope that I have your attention now because Im talking about a home business providing needed financial solutions and in which we can all be successful.  Current figures indicate that 16,000 people a day are starting their own home business.
  It's a growing trend and can offer security and financial stability for those who are concerned about their careers. Many of the home businesses utilize the internet which is another growth trend and the two trends combined are allowing people to secure their future.   
Many years ago my wife and I decided to tap into this growing trend which allowed us to generate a  revenue stream which enhances tremendously our monthly income.  The result is more financial security for us and for our family as well.  Our success is not unique, others have experienced this infusion of cash to better their lives as well.   How would a second or third income impact your life? 

I believe that the cutting edge products that we have available to us in our home business and the business  model and technology will impact our financial success for years to come. 
I hope that you will take a serious look at your financial status and see how it has grown over the past five years.  Now, project your anticipated growth with your income over the next five years.  If you find that you will not reach the income levels that you believe that you will need to fulfill your dreams and to reach your goals, I hope that you will strongly consider taking the time to research the home business opportunities available.  The timing is right for you to do something that could change your life and the lives of your family for years even generations to come.  For my wife and I we recently joined a new company who has already catapulted into the millions of sales.  The vehicle for our home business is Nerium International.  Check it out for yourself.
Remember economists say that there will be no middle class within the next 10 years only the rich and the poor. If that were to happen, where would you be?
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