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  March, 2013
Kyolic Formula 103Having trouble with allergies?  So was I.
The Bradford Pear trees bloomed early this year and the cedar trees are not helping either.  After walking through one of our favorite parks which had a beautiful row of trees on each side, I came home and was sneezing up a storm.  I went and took my Kyolic.  In a few minutes, my eyes stopped watering and my nose stopped itching and no more sneezing!  I highly recommend Kyolic Formula 103 from VitaCost.  The good thing is at VitaCost, I can get it for much less than most stores sell it.  I usually order 2 or 3 at a time.  I recommend taking it every day for the immune system but during allergy seasons, I take a little more.  It is a life-saver. 
L. Wood

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drinking water filter system, Inc.

Calcium lie exposed

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